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Fingers Crossed, Legs Uncrossed: Jen LiMarzi

Ever had a date eat a floral centerpiece at a wedding? Ever thought the Olympics should be held in the New York City subway system? Ever wondered why you dead bolt your front door but leave your wallet under a flip flop at the beach? Fingers Crossed, Legs Uncrossed explores these subjects and more while offering a hilarious glimpse of an ordinary person experiencing life in extraordinary ways.

Journey through life with a perpetual underdog who contemplates the mass return of the heinous station wagon and obsesses about being "pee-shy" in the workplace restroom, all while trying to survive a daily commute.

Despite the cynicism and sardonic wit that bites through much of Fingers Crossed, Legs Uncrossed, optimism prevails as often does the underdog.

After breaking up with someone for the third time, being laid off for the second, or being pushed on the subway for what is sworn to be "the last", laugh about how someone else deals with a series of urban adventures hoping for the best and just keeping Fingers Crossed, Legs Uncrossed.


What we thought:

I took this book away with me on our Summer holiday recently and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lazing in the sun, reading Jen's hilarious thoughts about life made the perfect activity for relaxing. This book has a combination of short pieces, with topics from dating, to riding the subway. She has recorded her amusing accounts of every day life, and like most women, obviously spends a lot of time thinking about ways life could be easier.

My favourite was her thoughts on "ever wondered why you dead bolt your front door but leave your wallet under a flip flop at the beach?" Being at the beach while I was reading it, certainly made me think!

Well done Jen, this is a great little book and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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